C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment

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C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment
Technical Summary

The primary function of the cage is to perform a speedy recovery of a casualty from the water/sea by enabling the casualty ready access to the cage following its deployment from the vessel. Alternatively, at the discretion of the person responsible for the cage, (e.g. Skipper of the vessel), the cage can be used as a temporary safe haven for a casualty subject to suitable weather conditions prevailing at the time of deployment.

The cage has undergone successfully, extensive tests in the Fresh Water Wave Tank at the Lowestoft Nautical College in conditions which reflect adverse weather conditions:

  • Each Rescue Cage is tested & stamped for a Safe Working Load of 300 Kilos.
  • Rescue Cages can be supplied alone with all necessary lifting strops & guide ropes or in an aluminium container with all necessary lifting strops & guide ropes that allow the cage to be deployed in under 20 seconds.
  • Rescue Cages can be supplied with Traditional Synthetic Netting Base or Aluminium Diamond Grill Base according to individual requirements.
  • Cage can be attached to vessel with some slack on the lifting strop till casualty is ready to lifted on board, this stops the cage being affected by the roll and pitch of the vessel.
  • The floats act as rollers and protect the casualty from jarring if it is required to pull the Rescue Cage up the vessels side.
  • Each Rescue Cage has reflective tape fitted that allows the cage to be seen better in dark conditions by the casualty and operator.
  • Cages entry point floats approximately 300mm under surface to allow easy entry for casualties.
  • The five and four float Cages are big enough to hold two persons but did lift three in trials.
  • Cages are low maintenance but like all Safety Products should be checked periodically.
  • Cages can be lowered or dropped into the water whichever method is preferred.

Testing & Trials

Wave Tank Trials Videos | Images

"On the 21st of August 2006, at Lowestoft College Wave Tank, tests were carried out on three new man overboard cages with extra buoyancy and aluminium net bases. Present at the tests was a representative from a ferry company and all cages underwent various casualty recovery situations in extreme conditions. The company as a result of seeing the man overboard recovery capabilities and advantages, have now placed their first order for the equipment ."

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