C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment

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C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment
Completed Solution

Storage - click to enlarge different viewTo complete the package an aluminium storage container was designed by James Kerr to hold the man overboard cage, lifting straps and associated guide ropes etc. This also protected the cage from the elements and allows rapid and easy deployment of the device in seconds.

The patent pending man overboard rescue cage and film footage of the tests were shown for the first time to the general public at the Fishing Exhibition in Glasgow on May of 2005 and generated a huge amount of interest.

Operational Deployment

Rob Reid and North East Fabricators have continued to pursue the commercialisation of the rescue cage, which is called ‘C Rescue’. Already, several Scottish and Irish fishing vessels have installed the rescue cage, some of whom say they would not go to sea now without the device.

The rescue cage was also demonstrated on-board an Ocean Tug at Shetland Oil Terminal which culminated in the controlled rescue of a man jumping into the cold water and being back on the ships deck in under two minutes. Needless to say they purchased four cages and after a demonstration for Peterhead Pilot Boat they saw the capabilities of the rescue equipment and also did not hesitate in purchasing the device.

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"A versatile rescue cage that is suitable for use from all vessels, especially high sided ones, for the recovery of persons from the water."

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