C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment

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C Rescue - man overboard recovery cage for maritime rescue cradle equipment
Man Overboard Recovery Cage Story

Rob Reid - the C Rescue cage inventorRegrettably, there have been several instances in which crew members have drowned alongside fishing vessels whilst their crewmates desperately tried to recover them from the water. It was a report in ‘Fishing News’ about such a man overboard incident that prompted retired Peterhead Skipper, Robert Reid, to start thinking about a possible solution.

Rob, who had pioneered improvements in fishing such as ‘shelterdecks’ and shooting seine ropes over the top of shelter decks to keep crew members clear of danger, looked and tested some of the products on the market for man overboard recovery and discovered that none were entirely suitable for the job on modern high sided fishing vessels.


Concept Models

Rob decided to use his experience and knowledge of the fishing industry to good use and come up with a practical and effective device to do the job - The Fisherman’s solution.

He rapidly came up with the concept of a floating cage that would contain the casualty and enable him/her to be lifted, by winch, crane, powerblock or even by hand, back on-board the vessel. He made models to prove the concept, as it had to fold compactly for storage on the vessel. Convinced by the models he then got a local company to make a prototype and convinced family to help try out his idea.

Rob identified a few problems with the man overboard rescue cage prototype but carried on, undaunted, to get another cage fabricated with improvements to resolve the initial problems. Three more overboard cage prototypes were eventually made as improvements were identified and resolved.

More - engineering and prototypes>>

"A versatile rescue cage that is suitable for use from all vessels, especially high sided ones, for the recovery of persons from the water."

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